Water Intake Protection

Problem With Weed, Rubbish and Debris Blocking Your Intakes? We Can Deflect That.....

OSSC can offer a permanent solution to the problem of water intake protection. We offer a range of different floating boom barriers to deflect debris away from water intakes as found in drinking water treatment facilities, cooling water intakes, industrial intakes, and many other river water inlets.

The distinct advantages of installing these permanent boom barriers is that they will significantly reduce the requirements of downtime for treatment processes and reduce the intervention of an operator required to remove debris from the external river screens, improving Health and Safety procedures on site.

OSSC can also offer a version of this barrier boom to combat the problem of jelly fish and other unwanted items on beaches. OSSC has installed barrier booms for large exclusive holiday resorts, protecting their guests against dangerous and unsightly hazards.

The efficient design of the barrier boom and hardware, means that a typical system can be installed in a matter of days, OSSC can carry out a site visit to survey the most suitable area, discuss with the facility personel and risk assess the installation.

Export or Import Jetties - we can limit the spread.

Having potential oil contaminate under and through jetty piles is a significant problem, clean up of oil spils behind piles is time consuming and expensive. OSSC can install a boom barrier to hold any oil spill away from the piles, ensuring a clean up is far more efficent .

All fixtures, fittings and fastenings are of corrosion resistant materials, and we also have non invasive securing methods to steel and concrete piles and structures which ensures no structural damage on installation.

Fish Farms - Barrier Booms Will Protect

Protecting salmon and other expensive fish in the fish farming industry is crutial. A barrier boom from OSSC can deflect any spilt oil away from fish farms to an area that poses no threat to the fish. We also have a range of oil skimmers for fish farm applications, that can be used to recover many different oils, including fish oils. Contact us for more information.