Clean up

Pollution Cleanup

OSSC Specialises in the clean-up of ports and harbours in the event of an oil spill. Using our response equipment and mobile team, OSSC is able to respond in minimum time. OSSC are also available on longer clean-up activities, please contact us for a discussion.

Standby Oil Spill Response

OSSC is available as a standby response operator during such activities as salvage operations when there is a threat of an oil spill, even going to the extent of having equipment in the water for minimalizing any threats.

Do you have a leaking oil storage tank?

OSSC specialise in the removal and disposal of old oil storage tanks, we can deal with environmental considerations and requirements and offer a full range of services including:

  • Degassing of fuel/heating tanks

  • Cleaning of oil/fuel storage tanks

  • Ground investigations

  • WAC single and multistage soil testing

  • Removal of old redundant oil/fuel storage tanks

  • General advise

  • Soil remediation

  • Back filling of removed soil (grass, type 1, soil etc)

OSSC would always recommend that the owner of the tank that is responsible for it, obtains suitable insurance to cover leaks and consequences.

Contact OSSC for more information on our services