Marine Pollution Control

Floating Plastics Can Be a Thing of The Past........

OSSC are proud to have developed a innovative system to catch floating plastics from the marine environment.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of quality, the OSSC Debris Catcher uses 20m of cylindrical containment / deflection barrier manufactured from reinforced marine grade materials.

The cylindrical containment / deflection barriers are joined using marine grade aluminum connectors and are supported by high tension HDG wire to ensure strength.

The system can be towed to capture debris or permanently positioned in a directional flow to recover floating debris.

The unique debris catching net has pore spaces of 25mm allowing small fish and animals to pass through. Fish greater than 25mm should be strong enough to swim against the direction of flow out of the open trawl. A different size netting can also be offered depending on the application.

The OSSC Debris Catcher recovers floating debris from the surface to a depth of 70cm, other drafts can be offered.

The OSSC Debris Catcher can be manoeuvred by any non specialist vessel and incorporates an efficient net empting system. The OSSC Debris Catcher is provided in a dedicated Eco Case which is made from sustainably sourced timber, which eliminates the use of plastic packaging.

The Eco Case has a hinged lid with clip close fasteners ensuring it is multiple use. Within each Eco Case is 1 x Debris Catcher Trawl System with manuals and instructions and 10 x 1m3 debris storage bag to hold recovered plastic proir to segrigation.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on the OSSC Debris Catcher.