Cable Floats

Cable Floats for Subsea Cables, we have them...

The Inflatable Cable Float uses 2 x1m long inflatable compartments to support any marine based cylindrical structure. Built from high quality Reinforced Polyurethane Alloy material with RF welded sealed joints, the OSSC Inflatable Cable Float is a strong and durable solution to providing temporary floatation during the cable laying process.

The air chambers are inflated/ deflated using standard Monsun XG inflation valve with an automatic spring loaded closing mechanism, supported by an additional screw lock safety cap.

The Inflatable Cable Floats can also be supplied with an identification panel displaying the contact details of the owner should retrieval be required after ‘cut away emergencies’ if required.

The two sides of the Inflatable Cable Float are linked together using high quality rubber chords which boast a permanent clip attachment on one side and a simple and effective hook attachment on the other. This prevents the chords from disconnecting from the float during operation or recovery.

Dimensions: Length = 1m

Width = m deflated or m inflated and linked

Weight = 2.5Kg (approx.)

Cable Weight for Positive Buoyancy: 80Kg/m or 100Kg/m

Other various sizes availiable on request.