pneumatic skimmer

OSSC20P - Pneumatic Oil Recovery Skimmer

OSSC have been supplying oil recovery skimming systems for industrial applications for a number of years. These bespoke systems have always been complex and expensive. Now OSSC is pleased to announce our new range of pheumatically driven oil recovery skimming systems. OSSC in conjunction with leading industry partners have developed a new kind of Oil Spill Recovery System that can be run from an air line supply.

The system comprises of a air/hydraulic power pack mounted inside its own frame. The frame also captures the air driven transfer pump and because the power and pump unit is inside a wheeled frame, taking it to site and maneuvering and adjusting is very easy.

The skimming system can recover up to around 20m3/hr and uses a skimming unit that has interchangable brush and disc recovery cassettes so you can gurantee even the lightest (and heaviest!) oils can be recovered using a single oil skimmer.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the OSSC20P in more details or would like a quotation.

The technical specification sheet is availaible to download by clicking here

The system comes complete with all hydraulic, suction and discharge hoses, hose floats, power unit, pump air regulators, air filters/oilers and service spares kit, just connect the air and you are ready to skim the oil, just remember you need somewhere to put all that recovered oil, so why not check out our temporary oil storage tanks by clicking here