Case Studies

Oil Tank Clean and Removal

Recently OSSC was contracted to clean an old fuel storage tank which contained very heavy fuel oil. The oil in question did not pour and had a consistency like treacle, however this was not a problem for us.

The oil was successfully removed and the tank was cleaned and de gassed, the old tank was then removed and taken away by truck.

Many other local companies were asked to carry out this task, but none could do it safely and to current EA requirements, this was all carried out by OSSC with a very happy customer at the finish.

Our scope included the removal of the concrete bund and to make good the soil, the concrete was originally laid around 40+ years ago and was very thick, but great results on the finished job - well done to all the OSSC team!

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HFO Before Commencing

Cleaning Operations

Gas Free

Tank Lifting Operation

Concrete Bund Break up

Finished Site